Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

Fashion Design Industry Careers

Designing high-end apparel and labels is a fashion junky's dream come true. If you are one to window shop, buy the hottest clothing styles online, and attend many promotional retail sales, you are probably well aware that you have the fashion bug. You may have even attended a fashion show or two, and daydream about doing so on a daily basis. This is not far from the truth about a career in fashion design. Many fashion-forward individuals aspire to be top fashion designers, but there are a few things worth considering that often go overlooked. There is much more to fashion design than is presented in its glamorous cover. Not only will you attend high-end fashion shows and travel, but you will also be responsible for completing projects under strenuous deadlines and pushing your creativity to the max. If you are highly motivated, creative, passionate about clothing and trends, and can express yourself well through drawing and sketching, then you may have what it takes to become a fashion designer. Fashion design is a high-pressure job. Many fashion designers work for themselves and sell their items to retail chains. Other designers work for a firm and are assigned projects. Designers either work with a team or on their own. Either way, you will often times be asked to complete large volumes of work under tight time constraints. Fashion design requires a strong backbone, a level head, and an immaculate eye for detail. Creativity must be constant, and drawing skills must be exceptional. One of the most important requirements of fashion design is having a superior portfolio. Without this, employers have no idea what type of work you are capable or willing to produce for them. You can work amongst top designers and build up an amazing portfolio at a fashion design school while you obtain your fashion degree. Obtaining your four year fashion degree is a must if you want to get your foot in the door. At design school, you will learn skills such as sketching, sewing, textile design, marketing, and business relations. A degree in fashion ensures your success in a fashion design career.

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